Between February 2013 and December 2015, I was post-doctoral researcher at Distributed Intelligent Systems and Algorithms Laboratory at EPFL, under direction of Alcherio Martinoli. I worked a project on distributed optimization for mobile robotics within NCCR Robotics, as well as in the EU project on autonomous vehicles AutoNet2030.

During 2012, I was post-doctoral fellow at Laboratorio de Sistemas de Control, ETSI Telecomunicación, Polythecnic University of Madrid (UPM), under direction of Álvaro Gutiérrez.

I obtained my PhD degree from UPM at DISAM. My PhD advisors were Fernando Matía and Agustín Jiménez. I was part of the Intelligent Control Group.

I received my Telecommunication Engineer degree in October 2004 from the ETSI de Telecomunicación of UPM. I spent my last year of Telecommunication studies in Lund Institute of Technology (LTH) in Sweden with the European Erasmus Program. There I took some courses and I did my Master Thesis in the AI Group in the Department of CS working with AIBO robots. During my years as undergraduate student I worked in several robotic projects and participated in different robotic championships.

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Here you can find my CV in pdf format.

Research and Interests

I am interested in robotics and distributed systems. During my PhD thesis I was working in swarm robotics, more specifically in the collective movement of mobile robots, i.e., the problem of how to coordinate a group of robots making them to move as a whole. I created a distributed and scalable framework based on consensus algorithms. Using this framework robots are able to move as a group, to avoid obstacles, to split and rejoin making decisions in a distributed way.

I have been also worked in other topics such as using robotics in education. Robots can be used as a platform to teach other related disciplines like programming, electronics, control, etc., at different educational levels.

During 2012 I have worked in a project for distributed monitoring of set of smart houses competing at Solar Decathlon Europe. The system is able to monitor different variables of each house, such as temeperatures, energy comsumption and production, and to show them real time on a web page while storing the values in a database.