Cooperation with AIBO Robots

My master thesis project consisted of the study and desing of mechanisms of reactive coperation between AIBO robots. I was part of Team Chaos competing at Robocup 2004, as member of the AI Group at Lund Institute of Technology (LTH).

Robots used were AIBO ERS-7, interacting in a soccer environment, one that is used in the RoboCup competition. The problem of passing the ball from one robot to the other was chosen as a simple problem to test robot cooperation. More information about the project can be found in my master thesis.

Master Thesis

The aim of the project is to study how cooperation of AIBO robots could be achieved. In order to do that a specific problem, in which two robots have to pass the ball between them, was introduced. To cooperate, the robots must be able to communicate, therefore a suitable module was developed. In order to design the solution there was the need for an analysis of the existing framework used by Team Chaos in RoboCup. It was found that self-localization module was not functioning sufficiently well. This made it difficult to create a deliberative solution due to the lack of an environment map. Therefore a reactive approach was taken. While performing the passes each of the robots had a specific role: receiver or kicker. This role was decided taking into account, among other things, the information received from the other robot. Several experiments were undertaken investigating how effectiveness at the given task depends on the type and amount of shared information. Four solutions were implemented and their results compared. It has been shown that given the circumstances the robots may cooperate with reasonable accuracy.

You can find here a pdf copy of the master thesis.