Since July 2016, I am a Ph.D. in the areas of Computer Science and Energy Management by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). My Ph.D. Thesis is entitled "Artificial recurrent neural networks for the distributed control of electrical grids with photovoltaic electricity" and it is about the development of an algorithm to manage the power flows on an electrical grid to reduce the consumption variability and enhance the performance of the entire grid. My Ph.D. advisors were Álvaro Gutiérrez of the Robolabo and Estefanía Caamaño Martín of the IES. During my Ph.D. I made an internship of 4 months in the Centre of Theoretical Neuroscience (CTN) at the University of Waterloo (UW) in Waterloo, Canada under the supervision of Bryan Tripp.

I obtained my Photovoltaics Solar Energy master in 2011 from UPM, being my advisor Estefanía Caamaño Martín. In 2010, I received my Telecomunication Engineer degree from the UPM, being my advisor Álvaro Gutiérrez. My Telecommunication Engineering degree has been accredited with the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), and has the fully recognition to Master of Science.

During my years as undergraduate student I made an internship in Altran Technologies and worked as a junior consultant in testing mobile services.

Research and Interests

I am interested in robotics, distributed systems, artificial intelligence and neuroscience. My research focuses on artificial intelligence and how to use neural networks in different applications such as robotics or distributed energy management. Right now, I am developing a distributed neuro controller that can be able to manage the demand electricity of a population. Therefore, biological systems like the brain, inspired this new design.

During 2012 I have worked in a project for distributed monitoring of set of smart houses competing at Solar Decathlon Europe. The system is able to monitor different variables of each house, such as temeperatures, energy comsumption and production, and to show them real time on a web page while storing the values in a database.

I am also member of Robotics and Control System Group (Robolabo) and the Renewable Distributed Generation and Intelligent Control Group (GEDIRCI).

Here is my CV

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