I started my educational activity on 2005-2006 in the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación (ETSIT) at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM).

Before, I used to teach at different robotic workshops with the "RBZ Robótica Team" where RBZ Robot Design S.L. comes from.


Current PhD Students

Current MSc Students

    María Peral Boiza Since September 2016
    Teresa Gómez Fernández Since September 2016

Current BSc Students

    Verónica G. Pérez Since September 2016
    Delia Sepúlveda Muñoz Since September 2016
    Daniel Gala Montes Since September 2016
    Daniel Galera Nebot Since September 2016
    Inmaculada Llorente Medina Since September 2016
    Miguel Pérez Ávila Since September 2016
    Eva Guijarro Calleja Since September 2015
    Raquel Higón Galán Since September 2015

Past PhD Students

Past MSc Students

    Juana González Bueno MSc Awarded in July 2016
    Carlos Antonio Orrego Muñoz MSc Awarded in July 2016
    Miriam Pavón Buenache MSc Awarded in July 2016
    David Sánchez Delgado MSc Awarded in November 2014
    Matias Jimeno Lagrutta MSc Awarded in July 2014
    Marina Calvo Pérez MSc Awarded in June 2013
    Gonzalo Comín Forcada MSc Awarded in July 2012
    Eduardo Matallanas de Ávila MSc Awarded in September 2010
    Manuel Castillo Cagigal MSc Awarded in September 2009
    Cecilio Pato Jiménez de Castro MSc Awarded in May 2007

Past BSc Students

    Juan Herreros Elorza BSc Awarded in December 2016
    Carlos Santos Rancano BSc Awarded in June 2016
    María Peral Boiza BSc Awarded in July 2016
    Teresa Gómez Fernández BSc Awarded in July 2016


In this section I show a recopilation of the courses I've taught.

MSc Ing. Telecommunication

Control Electronic Systems (SECO) (2013-2014)
Introduction to Intelligent Robot Architectures (IRIN) (2007-2014)
Intelligent Robot Architectures Laboratory (LARI) (2007-2014)
Control Systems (SCTR) (2005-2013)
Control Systems Laboratory (LSIC) (2005-2010)
Real Time Systems Laboratory (LSTR) (2005-2007)

Master on Home Automation and Digital Home

Introduction to Control Systems (2005-2013)